Where Should I Visit And Lear More About Computer Issues?

Computers and other electronic devices are very popular in our life. They are becoming something common and can’t be missing. These devices helped our life to be better and many things else. But, they aren’t perfect that can function without errors. Sometimes, errors came, and you don’t know how to do with it.

In fact, many types of errors may happen on these devices. Some are simple, but some aren’t. You can easy to learn and resolve a few simple errors that might happen on your computer as well as other devices if you know how to do.

Computer Errors

The easiest solution to find guides to resolve issues on your computer is googling what you need. It will show you exact what you want to learn and help you to fix the problem.

There would also be several other places you can visit and find out more about computer guides, tutorials, how-to articles and know how to diagnose and troubleshoot errors on your devices. Two of my favorite websites to learn about these things are HowToGeek And UsefulPCGuide.

Both sites are good, and there were many useful articles there to help us find out causes of issues. Most of the articles on both websites are step by step articles, which very easy to follow up and resolve your issues. If you have any question about these articles, they can also help you, just leave a comment there.


Which Factors Do You Need To Focus When Choosing A New Gaming Laptop?

best gaming laptops

In the past, when we think about playing games on your computer, the type of computers we will think first is the desktop. There is no concept about gaming laptops at that moment.

But now, with the growth of the technology, many manufacturers have released its own gaming laptops. Day by day, gaming laptops are lighter and powerful.

With the latest generation of processors, RAM and graphics cards, gaming laptops don’t use much power. It also not generate much temperature, and cooler. By that, manufacturers can produce more new gaming laptops that would be lighter and more powerful than now.

So, if you have a plan to buy a new gaming laptop, which you should focus on? Which factors do you need to know? And how to choose a good gaming laptop with the best price?

How To Choose A New Gaming Laptop?

best gaming laptops

When we look for a new gaming laptop, most of us will use this laptop to play games. There are few people using it for other tasks. But do you know how to choose a good gaming laptop with the best graphics card, as well as how to compare them?

Well, it depends on your budget. If you don’t mind about how much money a gaming laptop will cost you, then you can build a gaming laptop with maximum hardware configuration. But that’s not the point we are talking about. The point is how to select a good gaming laptop with high hardware to provide the best performance that enough to play latest games. But it also comes with an affordable price.

In this article, we will pick a random budget to spend to select a good gaming laptop: under $US 1,000. So, we will help you to learn how to select the best gaming laptops under 1000. You will also learn how to compare the performances of graphics cards as well as processors.

Firstly, we will choose the processor of the gaming laptop you will use. You can select the latest processor at this moment by picking an Intel 6th Skylake processor for your gaming laptop. However, you can downgrade a bit and select an Haswell processor instead of Skylake to save some money and spend it to upgrade the graphics card. A higher graphics card with higher performance will provide better gaming experiences.

Secondly, if you just use this gaming laptop to play games, then don’t really need to take a laptop with 16GB of RAM. We would suggest you pick a laptop with 8GB of RAM. It’s enough to use and have the ability to play all games in high settings.

When you play games, the graphics card is the most important hardware. So, spend more money to buy an expensive graphics card won’t hurt you much. Indeed, it will help to increase the overall performance of your gaming laptop, which will deliver better gaming performances and experiences.

So, when you choose a new gaming laptop, you need to determine how much money you will spend to buy it. And then split that money into the needed hardware. It’s not mean you will build a new gaming laptop. It just means determine the budget for each hardware and you can easy to choose a good gaming laptop.

You can also build your own gaming laptop from a few manufacturers like Dell.com or Lenovo.com. Their online stores allow us to select each hardware and add to the cart to check out and make the payment. You can give them a try.

A New Motherboard From Biostar: The Racing H170GT3

Biostar H170 Gaming Motherboard

With the growth of the technology, especially computing market; there were a lot of technologies released at the end of last year (fourth quarter of 2015) and beginning of this year.

Intel released several new 10-NM processor lineup called Skylake. By that, there were many motherboard manufacturers introduced and released to us a lot of motherboards, into the market, and Biostar is not an exception.

The new motherboard from Biostar called the Racing H170GT3, a flagship product for gaming users from Biostart. This new motherboard has a lot of features, as well as improvement for entertainment and gaming. It is a perfect motherboard for any gaming system, but cost you less than others, such as ASUS or Gigabyte.

Biostar H170 Gaming Motherboard
Biostar H170 Gaming Motherboard

This Biostart motherboard supports the 6th Intel processors, supports M.2 and SATA Express connection to provide faster transfer rates storages. It also supports dual GPUs configuration to get more FPS (frames per second).

If you are interested in this new gaming motherboard from Biostart, then it will be available for $95 from retailers and online shopping websites like Newegg.com or Amazon.com. If you would like to get more details on this motherboard, visit here to read more about the product.


Synology Announces A New NAS Product: The DiskStation DS216+

Synology DiskStation DS216+ 2-Bay NAS Server

You may too familiar with NAS equipments from Synology, as the company has released many products, which related to storage and how to keep your data safe. Most of their products are targeted to small businesses or home users.

Today, Synology has announced a new product on their two-bay NAS server for home and small business users, who want to have a secure storage solution, but effective, which can help them protect their data, but also easy to share the data with other users or devices.

The new two-bay NAS server named the DiskStation DS216+, a high performance two-bay NAS server that comes with an Intel Celeron 3050 processor and an Intel AES encryption chipset. This new NAS server will be delivered a high performance and high speed of reading and writing up to 111MB per second and 113MB per second.

Synology DiskStation DS216+ 2-Bay NAS Server
Synology DiskStation DS216+ 2-Bay NAS Server

The Synology DS216+ also can perform the H.264 from 1080p to 4K video transcoding, making it possible to use the DS216+ NAS server for video streaming, which is good for home or small office users to watching their favorite movies and videos.

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t provide any further information about the pricing or availability of this two-bay NAS server at this moment yet. I will keep posting for news, which related to this two-bay NAS server from Synology when it available.